Sketching at Glen Echo Park

Now that i am more or less settled as a resident artist at the wonderful Stone Tower of the Glen Echo Park, i decided to sign up for two shows at the Yellow Barn: one to be organized for students in my classes and the other for a solo show for myself. I again want to thank Jordan Bruns, wonderful artist and friend, for giving me (along with fellow artists Jan R and Jack A.) the opportunity to be a resident artist in his amazing studio while he is in Japan for three years with his family.

Today at the Park, the day was gray and gloomy and I decided to go outdoors and do some intuitive drawing and sketching.. I am posting my first two sketches below. They were done with portable watercolors, some white gouache and watersoluble graphite pencils and 1-2 nupastel sticks (to bring out some whites) on a mixed media block paper. My idea was to try to capture some textures, colors and basic shapes that i found interesting. I did not worry too much about composition, i hope to do that if/when i select some of those sketches to develop into paintings.

I will try to do this daily if i can, either in the Park or my neighborhood, as i would like to teach myself to work faster and to have lots of material that may inspire new paintings. After all, i will need many paintings for a solo show next year…

GE sketches 2018-12-14_12-34-21_834.jpeg
GE sketches 2018-12-14_12-34-41_191.jpeg