Gelatin printing creations from class...

Hello all, well I am finally daring to start a blog, as I have wanted to do for a while.  I am calling this blog Mariana's in my arsenal of art supplies, techniques and deliberations.

Firstly, I want to welcome anyone interested to visit, I really appreciate your making the time to look at my work and my thoughts. Through this blog, I hope to share my learning, questions, ideas and new projects and to hear some feedback, ideas and questions from readers. 

For now, i wanted to post some of the gelatin prints that were produced by students and myself in my last couple of classes, as a way to start showcasing the creativity and talents of those who dared to try and enjoy this enormously fun technique. 


In the classes, we use homemade gelatin plates in a variety of sizes and shapes (nothing against the commercial product, known as Gelli Arts Plate, which is also quite good and some students actually own and can use in class) and we roll acrylic paints in great varieties of color. 

We then texture the plate surface with the use of found objects, stencils, stamps, and even live or fake vegetation. Next, we begin to make prints on 90 lbs or heavier papers and iterate the above printing process with different textures or masks to get interacting designs and colors in the overlapping printed layers.  This produces a great (and unexpected) range of final effects that make all resulting prints surprising and quite unique.

At last, we pause to admire and muse on our creations, trying to learn from what we did.  We often admire each others and try to find ways to produce additional effects or combinations of colors.   

It is also fun to decide whether to frame the prints "as is" or use them for secondary art products, for example as collage papers, art cards, greeting cards or something else.   In a future post i hope to share some ideas on using incomplete or simply old accumulated prints.

I hope you enjoy the photos of our creations.  In the future, I also hope to post some entries about how i make my own brayers by using recycled objects and how we make interesting textures to experiment with, mostly by reusing products from the home.  One of my passions is to recycle and "upcycle" common household objects into art tools or art projects.  Enjoy!